Once you finished to boot Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, you will need to configure initial settings.

Default name & pw as below

name : pi

pw : raspberry

0. Update apt repository & upgrade packages

Once you logged in, run below command to update apt repository and upgrade packages.

$ sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y

Rasbian includes easy way of configuration tool, named raspi-config.

Run raspi-config with superuser permission, and customize your configuration.

$ sudo raspi-config

1. Expand SD card size

When you install Rasbian Jessie by Linux dd, root partition of SD card is shrinked to image size, so you need to expand size.

# this process requires reboot #

Select (1)

2. Change User Password

As default password is raspberry for all Raspbian system, you must change password to secure your system.

Select (2) and put password 2 times.

3. Internationalization option

Raspbian has set default UTC Timezone and "LANG=en_GB.UTF-8" Locale.

Select (5)

You set for your prefer.

That’s enough for this moment.

You can come back and configure others anytime again.