For GUI environment, you can use nice graphical tool such as Gparted.

But here I will use bash command to convert my EXT HDD’s NTFS partition to EXT4 partition.

### BE CAREFUL! Delete partition or any wrong COMMAND may erase all of your data! Back up your data at safe location before manage your partition. ###

1. Check device name

$ sudo fdisk -l

This command will let you know which devices are recognized on system.

For me,

2. Manage partition

If you found your device to manage, command with DEVICE,

$sudo fdisk /dev/sdc

You can command m to check all available commands.

You can command p for list of partitions.

First, I delete partition with d.

Second, create partition with n.

I choosed primary partition with nember 1, and default First sector, Last sector.

Just enter/return will choose default values.

Once you finished to manage partition, command w to write.

Now you made your own partition.

But this is not the end. You will need to format partition with your favorite file system to use.

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