Have you ever delete/format your disks and files by misoperation?

I introduce powerful and free software: photorec.

Just several days ago I have accidently deleted my DSLR photos. I tried to rescue files from my SSD and SD Card with several restore software but all failed.

I finally tried to use photorec and it compeletely rescued my missing files!

This software supports Windows, MAC and Linux. Also live-cd available.

As many users are may using Windows, this time I will try on Windows 10 x64.


Please remind if you have deleted/formatted any files or disks, please shut down your system and do not try record any files on target disk.

Your system records file information at sectors of disks, it is usually remains at sectors even you have deleted turned out invisible on your OS.

But if you begin to write any small files, such as text, the sectors will be changed and your files are not available to restore.

1. photorec download

photorecis developed by CGSecurity, using GNU General Public License (GPLV v2+) license.

You can download photorec via below link:


Choose your suitable system and download it. My OS is Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit, I downloaded Windows 64-bit.

Extract downloaded ZIP file.

2. Prepare restore and excute

(WARNINT)To restore properly, prepare disk with enough size at least bigger than target disk. For this time I have restored 16GB SD Card, restore point should have more than 16GB empty space.

Connect your disk which will be restored. I connected SD Card with USB reader. You can see it is compeltely empty.

Next, open folder what you have downloaded & extracted.

Go with GUI environment. Right-click qphotorec_win.exe and run as administrator.

Once photorec launched, choose option for restoring. First of all, choose correct disk which will be restored. I choosed 16GB SD Card, which is mounted at D:. (This is appeared because D:\ has formatted to FAT32 and can be read on Windows.)

If there is no partition, choose physical disk what you want to restore.

Choose options by ordering below:

(1) Whole disk or specific partition. I choosed partition due to my photo was saved at FAT32 partition.

(2) Choose file system type. FAT/NTFS/HFS+/ReiserFS/... has selected automatically.

(3) If there are other files, Free will try to restore only free space. Whole will try to restore from whole disk.

(4) Choose where restored files will be saved. I created Restored folder at desktop. Please check again you have enough space to save restored files.

(5) You can select file types to be restored. Almost all types are selected by default. Just leave it if you are not sure.

(6) Clicking Search button will start search and restore files from your disk.

Once restoring begins, recup_dir.1 folder will be create under the folder we have choosed at (4). This will be increased like recup_dir.2, recup_dir.3

Check the content in recup_dir.1 folder. Restored files will be listed.

3. Video for all process

Check your restored files once photorec complete the task. If fails, please try with other options you have choosed above.

If it’s not going well, please leave a comment. Thank you!